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portfolio questions

portfolio questions - painfully boring they were also...

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Andrew Lazarow Before entering Writing 105 I did not know much about analyzing texts. The extent of my knowledge was that an author used evidence to back up their point and that there was a point to be backed up. I also had a slight idea of how to annotate a text, which was helpful. Since entering WRT 105 I have learned a lot. One of the major techniques I have learned that has helped me analyze texts is finding the claims of an essay. Once I was able to find the claims of an essays I was able to understand the reading more clearly and writing an essay on the reading was much easier. The claims also helped me understand evidence and context better. I also learned how to look at a picture and find its pitch, complaint and moment although I am sure we will be doing further studying on the topic. Although the readings we have done, except for “Regarding the Torture of Others,” were
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Unformatted text preview: painfully boring, they were also helpful. The fact that the readings all contained many claims, especially “practices of looking” by Sturken and Cartwright, was very helpful in learning about claims. The readings from writing analytically were also helpful in the formation of my essay. I found most of the assignments you assigned were very helpful. Because I am a big procrastinator, the fact that you assigned work that built up to the final essay on the topic made the final essay much easier for me. Each step helped me further my understanding of the topic and at the same time helped improve the information that was soon to be in my essay. The only work I did not find helpful yet was the homework involving pitch, complaint and moment. Because I understood the topic quickly, the homework just seemed like busy work....
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