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Jean visited a wegmans grocery store. Jean walked down a busy aisle in the deli department toward a refrigerated case, which contained fresh salads, including potato salad, thai beef salad and macaroni salad. In front of the case, Jean stepped on some macaroni. She slipped and fell, sustained serious injuries to her back, shoulder and knee. Jean is prepared to testify that the macaroni had “a lot of dirt” and tracks through it and that the macaroni “seemed like it had been there a while.” If jean commences a suit against Wegman’s, will she be successful? Could Wegman’s be held liable for negligence? Duty- need to protect people on your property from harm (talk about defenses), breach duty, causation, injury Matt, a former bank auditor, was fired from his job as Vice President of operations at First
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Unformatted text preview: National Bank (the “Bank”). He claims that he was fired for refusing to destroy or alter a report to the audit committee of the bank. Several statutes exist that prohibited the acts that his supervisors had allegedly urged him to commit. The Human Resources Director at the Bank maintains that Matt was fired because he was not performing well in this job (as reflected in his performance evaluations), he was habitually late to work, and he missed several important deadlines in submitting reports to the President of the bank. If Matt commences a legal action against the Bank for firing him, will Matt be successful? Could the Bank be held liable for wrongful discharge? “Employment at Will” 4 prong test...
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