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1/17/12 Bonus Assignment: turn in scan tron and an index card (picture, name, major, number and email) to Tillie in bio/bio 410 All homework must be done very neatly, one sided and with a coverpage For pathways know structure, where’s and steps but also alternative pathways, regulations, relation to other pathways, enzyme mechanisms and cofactors; know details and the big picture (pointillism pics), connections and hubs of pathways (subway routes), relationships (metabolism is determined by body’s state) Intro to Metabolism: Hydrolysis of High Energy Bonds Metabolism: how a living system acquires free energy, or the chemical reaction of biomolecules Catabolism ( oxidative process, breakdown) Anabolism ( reductive , build up, req. energy from catabolism) Amphibolic (ex. Citric acid cycle) Metabolic pathways: series of reactions, sequential steps, intermediates are called metabolites Start/end of pathways are not natural but created by us. Ergo, an observation of converging pathways in catabolism and
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