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lecture 1 notes - ways to manipulate the supernatural for...

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1/17/2012 The human condition : horrendous and non-manipulatable b/c we die, can’t do anything about it and are aware of it the whole time Religion responds to the human condition (do animals have something resembling religion?) and is therefore quite widespread across all societies Religion: theories of how the world works in sheer actuality Religious theories made up of experience, belief and practice Religion usu accounts for the origins of evil, eschatology-the of what happens in the end time,
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Unformatted text preview: ways to manipulate the supernatural for practical ends, and sanctification of ordinary experiences Prof’s suggestion: theories are constructed by extending understanding of ordinary human experience to the supernatural realm, extension is accomplished via analogy (as opposed to analysis?) Ex of analogies: Venus of laussel from the upper paleolithic period of sw Europe Resurrection Judgment of souls after death or disbelief in it...
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