lec 1 - 1/17/12 Five big scantrons to TA in lab next week...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/17/12 Five big scantrons to TA in lab next week and do lab safety agreement. Ch 16 Simple squamous- allow passage of materials by diffusion and filtration Cuboidal- secretion and absorption (kidney) Simple columnar- secretion, can be ciliate Pseudostratified columnar- secretion, more ciliated Stratified squamous- abrasion (digestive system) Transitional- stretch (bladder) Endocrinology Communication btw cells over distances via chemicals Autocrine, paracrine (acts on neighbor), exocrine (leaves via duct, 99% of pancreas), endocrine (travels via bloodstream), tropin (act on another endocrine gland) Amino acid based- most common, usu enter cell passive but facilitated Steroid- usu gonadal and adrenocortical, usu enter via simple diffusion *Eicosanoids-leukotrines and prostaglandins are not endocrine hormones Hormone actions: Alter membrane permeability (ion channels), stim prot synth, activate/deactivate enz, induce secretion, stim mitosis How?...
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