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/** @file complex.cpp @author Randall Paul Robert (9771) @date 2005-10-01 Description: implementation for the complex class Course: CS1254.02 Logon ID: cs125456 Lab #: 2 Instructor: William Duncan */ #include <cmath> #include <cstdlib> #include <math.h> #include "complex.h" /* SOME FUNCTION HAVE BEEN IMPLEMENTED FOR YOU. IMPLEMENT ALL OTHER FUNCTIONS DESCRIBED ON THE LAB HANDOUT. */ Complex::Complex() { real = 0.0; imag = 0.0; } Complex::Complex(double r) { real = r; imag = 0; } Complex::Complex(double r, double i) { real = r; imag = i; } double Complex::getReal() const { return real; } double Complex::getImag() const { return imag; } Complex Complex::conjugate() const { Complex z; z.real = real; z.imag = -imag; return z; } double Complex::magnitude() const {
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Complex z; double rad, mag, rmag, immag; z.real = real; z.imag = imag; rmag = ((z.real)*(z.real)); immag = ((z.imag)*(z.imag)); rad = rmag + immag; mag = sqrt(rad); return mag; } double Complex::angle() { Complex z; double degree;
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complex - @file [email protected] Randall Paul...

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