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Unformatted text preview: /*---------------------------------------------------------PROGRAMMER: William E. Duncan FILE: gend.h (interface) DESCRIPTION: definition of a general purpose data structure for simple scalar types. COMMENTS: implementation gend.c DATE: May 25, 2004 ----------------------------------------------------------*/ #ifndef _GEND_H_ #define _GEND_H_ typedef union _gend { char c; double d; float f; int i; long l; unsigned char uc; unsigned int ui; void *v; char *s; short sh; }gend; /* Constructor Functions */ extern gend mkgendc(char); extern gend mkgendd(double); extern gend mkgendf(float); extern gend mkgendi(int); extern gend mkgendl(long); extern gend mkgenduc(unsigned char); extern gend mkgendui(unsigned int); extern gend mkgendv(void *); extern gend mkgends(char *); extern gend mkgendsh(short); /* Accessor Functions */ extern char getgendc(gend); extern double getgendd(gend); extern float getgendf(gend); extern int getgendi(gend); extern long getgendl(gend); extern unsigned char getgenduc(gend); extern unsigned int getgendui(gend); extern void *getgendv(gend); extern char *getgends(gend); extern short getgendsh(gend); #endif ...
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