csc1254studyguide02 - CSC 1254 Exam # 2 Study Guide Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: CSC 1254 Exam # 2 Study Guide Spring 2005 March 16, 2005 NAME: • This exam consists of three parts. • Calculators are not allowed. • Use descriptive names for your identifiers, but no other documentation is required. • Use only ANSI C commands in your code. • Write your full name on every sheet you turn in. • Read the instructions preceding each section carefully before beginning the section. • If you need extra sheets, ask the proctor. Use only those provided you by the proctor. DURATION: 120 Minutes Table 1: Distribution of Points PART WORTH SCORE I x 1 = 30 II x 2 = 30 III x 3 = 40 Total 3 ∑ i =1 x i Exam Score 100 DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. 1 1 MULTIPLE-CHOICE 1 Multiple-Choice Instruction: Shade the circle that precedes the word or phrase that best an- swers the question or completes the sentence. (3 points each) 1. A sort algorithm in which the sorted items occupy the same storage as the original ones is . circlecopyrt stable circlecopyrt in-place circlecopyrt recursive circlecopyrt iterative 2. A programming construct that is defined within a programming language to store a collection of data is a(n) . circlecopyrt data structure circlecopyrt abstract data type circlecopyrt heap circlecopyrt stack 3. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the mergesort algorithm? circlecopyrt It is recursive. circlecopyrt It is stable. circlecopyrt It exploits the divide-and-conquer problem-solving technique. circlecopyrt Its worst-case time complexity is O( n 2 ). 4. The process of isolating the implementation details of a module from other modules is called . circlecopyrt functional cohesion circlecopyrt functional abstraction circlecopyrt top-down design circlecopyrt information hiding 5. An advantage of an array-based ADT unordered list implementation over a pointer-based implementation is that in the array-based implementation ....
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csc1254studyguide02 - CSC 1254 Exam # 2 Study Guide Spring...

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