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How is racism illustrated by Armstrong's ride north on the train? They called him a “lucky black sommitch” What does the incident with a Chicago cop tell us about the status of Joe Oliver in Chicago? He was a king How does Louis perceive the standing of musicians within the black community of Chicago? He assumes they are revered How does Louis let us know of the growing interest of white musicians in playing jazz? He mentions the fact that some of the musicians in Joe Oliver’s group are white What do Louis' comments about Lil Hardin tell us about his Victorian values towards women? He assumed that if it hadn’t been for King Oliver and his band, she would have been playing classics or marrying some big politician. He was also surprised that she worked on the side and couldn’t imagine a woman being that capable What was the NORK and where did it work? New Orleans Rhythm Kings; Chicago How did the Austin High Gang come about? They were a group of boys who had just graduated from Austin High School and listened to records every night at an ice cream parlour. They then decided to pick up instruments and learn how to play their own music Who were the Chicagoans and what was “Chicago style” as opposed to “New Orleans style?” White jazz musicians about 5 years behind black jazz musicians; a largely orchestral ragtime sound with a heavy two-beat march rhythm Why can it be said that Bix was a legend in his own time? He only lived 28 years and was already famous before he died Who were the three important white bands that Bix worked with in the 20’s? The Wolverines, Jean Goldkette’s Orchestra, Paul Whiteman’s band What European influences are found in Bix’s playing? Why is this so? European Impressionistic piano influences such as Debussy and Ravel; he was also interested in Stravinsky, who he believed was the “first in Jazz” Why do historians like Richard Haddock feel “Bix spent his adult life attempting to reconcile his musical individualism with the demands of the American entertainment industry?” He played for Paul Whiteman’s orchestra, which made tremendous demands on him as a sightreader and a musician. Q's for review of Lectures
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Who were Zip Coon and Jim Crow? Where and when did they first appear? Jim Crowe was a bumbling, slow-witted buffoon with typical black face makeup Zip Coone was a stereotype of an urban dandy and a counterpart of Jim Crowe Why were Minstrel Shows important for the spread of black music at the turn of the 20th Century? They were considered black entertainment for people without entertainment. They also helped introduce ragtime to American culture. What was Ragtime and who was its most famous composer?
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Jazz_midterm - Satchmo & Bix Story How is racism...

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