DataType - fCredits(credits) {fName = name;} // Argument...

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#ifndef _DataType_h #define _DataType_h #include <string> using namespace std; class CDataType { public: CDataType() : fName(""), fGPA(0.0), fIncome(0), fTest(0), fCredits(0) {} // Default constructor virtual ~CDataType() {} // Virtual destructor CDataType(const CDataType& data) : fGPA(data.fGPA), fIncome(data.fIncome), fTest(data.fTest), fCredits(data.fCredits) {fName = data.fName;} // Copy constructor CDataType(const string name, const float GPA, const long income, const short test, const short credits) : fGPA(GPA), fIncome(income), fTest(test),
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Unformatted text preview: fCredits(credits) {fName = name;} // Argument constructor CDataType& operator=(const CDataType& data); // Overloaded assignment operator bool operator==(const CDataType& data); // Overloaded equality operator bool operator<(const CDataType& data); // Overloaded less than operator void Run (); inline string GetName() {return fName;} inline short GetCredits() {return fCredits;} private: string fName; float fGPA; long fIncome; short fTest; short fCredits; }; #endif...
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