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/** @file listtools.cpp @author William Duncan @date 2005-10-01 Description: implementation for the listtools interface Course: CS1254.02 Logon ID: cs1254xx Lab #: 5 Instructor: William Duncan */ /* YOUR TASK: templatize these functions so that they work with any type. As defined, they work with only string. Your templatization must conform to the interfaces provided in listtools.h after you templatize both classes. */ #include "listtools.h" Node::Node(string s) { data = s; previous = NULL; next = NULL;
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Unformatted text preview: } Iterator::Iterator() { position = NULL; last = NULL; } string Iterator::get() const { assert(position != NULL); return position->data; } void Iterator::next() { assert(position != NULL); position = position->next; } void Iterator::previous() { if (position == NULL) position = last; else position = position->previous; assert(position != NULL); } bool Iterator::equals(Iterator b) const { return position == b.position; } // end listtools.cpp...
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