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#ifndef _OrderedList_h #define _OrderedList_h #include "CST.h" template <typename dataType> class COrderedList { public: COrderedList() : fNumItems(0) {} // Default constructor virtual ~COrderedList() {} // Virtual destructor COrderedList& operator=(const COrderedList col) { if (this != &col) {} return *this;} // Overloaded assignment operator inline short GetNumItems() {return fNumItems;} { fTree.CreateNextAvailable(data); fNumItems = fTree.GetNumItems(); } inline dataType& GetOrderedListItem(short index) {return
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Unformatted text preview: fTree.BinaryTreeSearch(index);} inline dataType&amp; GetOrderedListItemByKey(dataType&amp; data) {return fTree.BinaryTreeSearchByKey(data);} inline void SetOrderedListItem(short index, dataType data) {GetOrderedListItem(index) = data;} inline bool EmptyOrderedList() {return fTree.IsEmpty();} inline bool DeleteOrderedListItemByKey(dataType&amp; data) { bool result; result = fTree.DeleteFromTreeByKey(data); fNumItems = fTree.GetNumItems(); return result; } private: CST&lt;dataType&gt; fTree; short fNumItems; }; #endif...
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