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CSC 3390 Fall 2002 Assignment 5 Due 11.25.2001 1. Using templated classes, design and implement the following two ADT's: Binary Search Tree Ordered List (uses the BST to store the data) 2. Use the ordered list to solve the following problem: W rite a program to determine eligibility for a scholarship. Eligibility is based on three criteria: a) Grade point average: must be above 3.5; b) Family income: must be below $10,000; c) Standardized test result: must score above 70. To receive a scholarship, the student must satisfy at least 2 of the above 3 criteria.
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Unformatted text preview: The format of the "in.dat" file is as follows: Smith, A. 3.6 9999 68 Black, C. D. 3.4 10000 70 Student, Ace 4.0 1000 99 etc. The out.dat file is formatted as follows (sorted by last name): Black, C. D. no Smith, A. yes Student, Ace yes etc. List of successful candidates (sorted primarily by number of credits [3 credits first, 2 credits second], and secondarily by last name): Student, Ace Smith, A. etc. GRADING: BST 40% Ordered list 40% Application 20%...
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