8- Health and Well Being Book

8- Health and Well Being Book - GHH 434-444 How do people...

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Unformatted text preview: GHH 434-444 How do people cope with stress? o Stress- a pattern of behavioral and physiological responses to events that match or exceed an organisms ability to respond o Stressor- an environmental event or stimulus that threatens an organism o Coping response- Any response an organism makes to avoid, escape from, or minimize an aversive stimulus Stress has physiological components o Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis- the biological system responsible for the stress response. Stress sets off a complex chain of events in the body. Stressful event > brain > hypothalamus (chemical message) > pituitary gland (hormones) > adrenal glands > cortisol o There are sex differences in responses to stressors Walter Cannon coined the term- Fight or Flight Response- the physiological preparedness of animals to deal with danger Tend-and-befriend response- Females tendency to protect and care for their offspring and form social alliances rather than flee or fight in response to threat. Oxytocin- A hormone that is important for mothers in bonding to new borns o The general adaptation syndrome is a bodily response to stress Lymphocytes- specialized white blood cells known as B cells, T cells, and natural killer calls that make up the immune system Immune system- The bodys mechanism for dealing with invading microorganisms, such as allergens, bacteria, and viruses Non-specific stress response- damaged lymphatic structures, stomach ulcers, bloated adrenal glands The General adaption syndrome-...
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8- Health and Well Being Book - GHH 434-444 How do people...

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