11- Memory Book Notes

11- Memory Book Notes - Chapter 7 How does attention...

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Chapter 7 How does attention determine what is remembered? o There is a difference between seeing and looking or hearing and listening. Look and listen are commands that signal you to direct your attention to something. When we pay attention we are taking out attention away from one thing in order to focus it on another. o Visual attention is selective and serial Parallel processing- allows us to process information from different visual features at the same time by focusing on targets rather than distracters For example: if everyone is wearing black and someone is randomly wearing red, they will stand out to us o Auditory attention allows selective listening Different ways that we hear things around us At a cocktail party we can focus on a conversation but may be pulled away from it at the sound of our own name Listening to the radio and driving may be easy for you, but listening to a sports broadcast may force you to picture the game and distract you from the road ahead. o Selective attention can operate at multiple stages of processing There are some things that grab our attention even if we are in deep focus I am reading a book when suddenly I get a muscle cramp. That cramp will distract my reading until I tend to it. Change blindness- The common failure to notice large changes in environments. A man giving directions doesn’t notice when the man he’s giving directions to changes This shows that we can really only attend to a limited amount of information at once. What are the basic stages of memory? o Encoding- The processing of information so that it can be stored o Storage- The retention of encoded representations over time that corresponds to some change in the nervous system that registers the event. o
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11- Memory Book Notes - Chapter 7 How does attention...

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