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CSC 3390 Fall 2002 Assignment 4 Due 11.4.2002 Ms Moneypenny is pleased with the first version of the bank simulation software you wrote for her. As expected, she would now like you to implement a more sophisticated model. She would like now to experiment with varying numbers of tellers to arrive at an optimum compromise between average waiting times and the expense of employing extra tellers. This enhanced version reads in another external file (“tellers.dat”) to determine the number of tellers to use for the simulation. The format of the file is as follows: “tellers.dat”: 2 // num tellers Joe Brown // names of tellers John Doe Babe Ruth Bill Smith Create derived bank and customer classes, both having enhanced capabilities to deal with a multitude
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Unformatted text preview: of tellers. The derived bank class initializes a given number of tellers and creates instances of the new customer class. The derived customer class has the added ability to scan all tellers and pick the first available teller. Turn in: a) Source code for the entire program to be compiled in separate files: bank.cp, queue.cp, and classes.cp (for CClock, CPerson, CTeller, and CCustomer), and their respective header files. Show also the makefile for this project. [20%] b) Output for 2, 3, and 4 tellers. Use the same “in.dat” file for customers. [80%]...
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