bank - void Run (); private: CCustomer* GetNextCustomer...

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#include "classes.h" #include <fstream> #include <queue> class CBank { public: // Default constructor CBank() : fNumCustomers (0), fTotalWaitingTime (0) { fClock = new CClock; fLine = new queue <CCustomer*>; fTeller = new CTeller(fClock); fCurOutsideCustomer = new CCustomer; } virtual ~CBank() {} // Virtual destructor CBank(const CBank&) {} // Copy constructor CBank& operator=(const CBank bank) { if (this != &bank) {} return *this;} // Overloaded assignment operator
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Unformatted text preview: void Run (); private: CCustomer* GetNextCustomer (ifstream&amp; inFile); void ProcessArrivingCustomer (ofstream&amp; outFile); void ProcessWaitingCustomer (ofstream&amp; outFile); void ProcessDepartingCustomer (ofstream&amp; outFile); CCustomer* fCurOutsideCustomer; CCustomer* fCurFrontOfQCustomer; CCustomer* fCurServedCustomer; CTeller* fTeller; CClock* fClock; queue &lt;CCustomer*&gt; *fLine; long fNumCustomers; long fTotalWaitingTime; };...
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