naivepq - /* @file naivepq.h @author Hillary Hacker @date...

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/** @file naivepq.h @author Hillary Hacker @date 2005-09-12 Description: Interface file for the naive printq personal library. Logon ID: cs1254xx Lab #: 1 Instructor: William Duncan */ const int MAX_JOBS = 100; /* User-defined type definitions */ typedef char string80[81]; /* define jobtype enumerated type and job struct below. */ /* public functions: Implementation for these functions are in naivepq.c */ /** Function: addjob Usage: retval = addjob(printq,numjobs); This function assigns adds a new job to the printq. If there are already MAX_JOBS in the print queue, the retval is set to 0 indicating failure: the queue is full and a new job cannot be added and numjobs remains unchanged. If the queue is not full, the function calls assignjobid to obtain a unique id for the new job. The user is then prompted for other details about the job: kind -> TEXT, IMAGE, HTML, POSTSCRIPT or OTHERS pages -> number of pages who -> job owner duration -> calculated as follows: TEXT 3 seconds/page, IMAGE 6
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naivepq - /* @file naivepq.h @author Hillary Hacker @date...

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