49 - Course Introduction Lecture 1 Preview Who's Who About...

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Course Introduction Lecture 1 ENGR 101 Section 100 Winter 2012 Standard Disclaimer: These lecture notes are provided as a SERVICE to you to help you study for this class. At no time are we obligated to provide notes for every lecture. Understand that these notes are NOT a replacement for either coming to lecture or for the class readings. Indeed, these notes represent only a PARTIAL SET, which means it's up to you to attend class (or to find someone else's notes) to fil in the SUBSTANTIAL fraction of the lecture that has been left out of these notes. Indeed, these notes may represent only a draft and may be based on last term's lectures (which may or may not be repeated in their entirety for this term.) If it turns out that attendance to the class drops below 80%, I reserve the right to reduce the amount of content in these notes. If it turns out that attendance to the class drops below 80%, I also reserve the right to discontinue the distribution of these notes either before or after lecture. Copyright: © 2012, Jason M Daida. Al Rights Reserved. Preview • Who’s Who • About Engineering 101 • Course Mechanics • Class Business • Demo (using our websites) Who’s Who Prof J. Daida Graduate Student Instructors Cassie Yaple: 101, 103, 108 Taylor Dodson: 104, 105, 107 Dan Porto: 102, 106, 109 J. Daida http://viterbi.usc.edu http://www.stanford.edu/home/welcome/campus/palmdrive.html http://sitemaker.umich.edu/umacers What 101 is About • Principles of solving problems with a computer • Engineering, Math, and Science • Numerical approaches • AKA l Algorithmic Thinking z NASA AMES Wind Tunnel Photo J.Daida This course, then is about taking your first step to doing a billion ! What 101 is About Nearly every engineering discipline at the college Incorporates computers into their curriculum Uses MATLAB or some other programming language for design and problem solving
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• Teaching of relevant skills needed in engineering What 101 is About • Surveyed to measure student perceptions • Intended to survey Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors • Ran survey for 15 days • Over 700 respondents H. Saab, Survey Debriefing , 8 May 2008
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49 - Course Introduction Lecture 1 Preview Who's Who About...

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