PovertyintheUS Midterm Exam 6-10

PovertyintheUS Midterm Exam 6-10 - Poverty In America...

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Poverty In America Midterm Review Guide 6.p. 31 to 35 in Poverty in America QUASI REALATIVE POVERTY MEASURE NAS panel- wanted a new poverty threshold to be calculated by determining, for ref- family of 2 adults/2 children, a dollar amount for food.clothing. shelter. utilities. and another dollar amount for modest household items ( supplies, personal care, non-work related transportation) dollar amount would be determined by median spending for 4 basic needs and using data gathered by Consumer Expenditure survey. p. 31 - “ recommended poverty measure is essentially relative in nature because the thresholds would be updated based on changes in real exoenditures for certain consumption categories- which generally rise as standards of living rises. . . recommended measure is quasi-relative because the proposed update would be based on consumption expenditures for basic goods only and services - food, clothing, housing, utilities” Absolute measure - p. 21 and 5-6 “ such as the current US official measure, typically attempt to define a truly basic needs standard and have a threshold that remains constant over time” Relative Poverty- can be defined p. 25 “ as comparative economic deprivation. it is based on the notion that poverty is relative to society’s existing level of economic,
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PovertyintheUS Midterm Exam 6-10 - Poverty In America...

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