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Gaurav Singh Poverty in the US 114006240 Response Paper 7/Extra Credit In his captivating movie Capitalism: A Love Story , Michael Moore portrays the brutal disparity between the different socioeconomic classes. He shows families being evicted from their homes and how the “taking and giving” of the homes epitomizes capitalism in the United States. We have briefly discussed the ethical dilemmas behind poverty, and it is very well evidenced in the documentary. Peter Zuliski deals with people who buy homes that have been foreclosed and then sell them to make a profit. He says that they look at data online to find the foreclosures or “prey to kill.” Zuliski compared his business to a drone flying over Afghanistan looking for enemies to kill. This kind of business takes advantage of people’s misfortunes, and is a very real aspect of the unjust capitalist society. A quote that struck my attention from the documentary stated, “If you have things, it is quite easy to get more things…it is so easy to have five times more things
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