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PovertyResponsePaper 9 UPDATED

PovertyResponsePaper 9 UPDATED - Gaurav Singh 114006240...

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Gaurav Singh Poverty in the US 114006240 Response Paper 9 There are a wide variety of reasons as to why a person or family falls into poverty. One’s actions, work ethic, and human capital can heavily influence whether a person lives in poverty or in luxury. In addition, a person’s living conditions and area can also determine if people end up in poverty. Therefore, the question of whether “place” or “people” poverty is a better determinant of poverty is highly contestable. Place poverty is similar to structural poverty in that an area can influence poverty. The environment people live in can either support or hinder productive lives. Individuals residing in Camden, New Jersey may not have the same advantages to increase their human capital as someone living in Greenwich, Connecticut. In addition, people’s family structures can very well induce a poverty stricken lifestyle. Often times, an unstable family base is the result of poverty, and vice versa.
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