Second exam- Essay Question # 1

Second exam- Essay Question # 1 - Gaurav Singh Write an...

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Gaurav Singh Write an essay on "The Founding Fathers and the Constitution" in which you answer the following questions: Who were the Federalists of the 1780s? Why did they find it necessary to discard the Articles of Confederation in favor of the Constitution of 1787? How did they manage to secure the ratification of their new frame of government? The federalist are personified by Alexander Hamilton The Federalist were John jay, James Madison. The nationalists, who called themselves Federalists, argued that a powerful central government would strengthen the United States and restore public credit and property rights. In the 1780s, the Federalists were advocates of a "strong central government" by Constitution, while the nationalists advocated a more decentralized government structure bound by the Articles of Confederation. A "typical" Federalists came most often from New England and/or the coastal regions of the Middle Atlantic States, generally represented mercantile, shipping, commercial or financial interests and tended to sympathize with or support the English. They favored a more elitist view of government (government should be reserved for the "best sort" of people) to protect the interests of the wealthy. This "typical" Federalist tended to be pessimistic about human nature, supported a liberal (loose, flexible) interpretation of the Constitution, and favored an active, strong, "interventionist" central government . This Federalist was "commercial minded" with an outward, progressive, cosmopolitan viewpoint which believed that American greatness was yet to be realized. This " commercial mindedness " welcomed an active and energetic central government and welcomed the growth and the aspirations of the commercial, financial and mercantile interests in America. Alexander Hamilton is responsible for the survival of the constitution and the effectiveness of this frame of government. He wetted the affection of regional elite to the Second Exam Question #1 - 1 -
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Gaurav Singh federal government by selling them the national debt. By providing them with a government that promoted their interest and secured their property rights. He promotes the common wealth. While this is a necessary pre-requisite of the flourishing of this new republic, it is not adequate. They need more than that. a) Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton, was a man without a country that embraced the American nationalism. The man from cosmopolitan New York and he were reared in a county house. Hamilton was unique among the founding fathers in that he was an outsider, "The Scotch Peddler's Bastard," who, lacking roots in one of the strong regional cultures of British North America, was capable of complete allegiance to the New Nation. Hamilton developed a brilliant and successful plan to guarantee the allegiance of regional elites and all men of property to the federal government through the creation of a national debt. Hamilton seemed to the most important Federalist. Hamilton was a true nationalist. He
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Second exam- Essay Question # 1 - Gaurav Singh Write an...

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