Second exam- Essay Questions-outline

Second exam- Essay Questions-outline - Gaurav Singh Write...

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Gaurav Singh Write an essay on "The Founding Fathers and the Constitution" in which you answer the following questions: Who were the Federalists of the 1780s? Why did they find it necessary to discard the Articles of Confederation in favor of the Constitution of 1787? How did they manage to secure the ratification of their new frame of government? Typical Federalist -They favored a more elitist view of government - to protect the interests of the wealthy -supported a liberal (loose, flexible) interpretation of the Constitution, -favored an active, strong, "interventionist" central government. -"commercial mindedness" -welcomed the growth a) Alexander Hamilton - He wanted to do three major things, which were Federalist goals as well. 1) - redeem the old national debt - 2) He wanted to nationalize state debt. - - 3) He wanted to create a central bank - - Doctrine of Implied Powers All these goals were all justified in Hamilton’s mind as the Doctrine of Implied Powers. The Federal Convention -how much power to allow the central government, - how many representatives in Congress to allow each state, -Constitution stands as a model of cooperative statesmanship and the art of compromise. . The Articles of Confederation - Problems of the Confederation Second Exam Essay Questions Outline - 1 -
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Gaurav Singh Debts and Taxes THE BATTLE OVER THE CONSTITUTION -The large states supported the Virginia Plan. -The small states supported the New Jersey Plan. George Washington’s Nation system of taxation What was wrong with the confederacy and why did have to be replaced? ii) Woes : Shays’s Rebellion To sum up woes: James Madison (one of the most important founding fathers) III) Madison’s Plan Drafting a New National Constitution The Virginia and New Jersey Plans New Jersey Plan The Great Compromise Compromise over slavery
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Second exam- Essay Questions-outline - Gaurav Singh Write...

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