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Preeti Singh The Constitution 3/5/02 Lecture (Chapter 7) A free Internal Market: Prerequisite to American Prosperity The on thing that most degrades human beings is to be poor; the thing that gives them a fighting chance is to have enough to eat, and to be warm in the winter. The United States was created by acts of will on the part of the North American British colonists. What was at stake at the end of the American Revolution was whether that revolution will bring in the revolution government. One can normally rally people to fight the negative other (e.g. England), but when the negative other disappears problems occur. The 13 colonies going their separate ways or little groups of them creating nation states or special relationship with one another. There was reason to expect that people in the Trans Appalachian region (the other side of the proclamation line of 1776) they might go off on their own. The unexpected happens. Through the efforts of relative small men we call the founding fathers, the center held and they created a nation that was capable of growing and expanding. This is absolutely crucial. The country did not become a little region dominated by local thugs or warlords. Instead there was going to be a rule of law and possible to do business across the vast space. The secret of the American prosperity is the vast internal market, lasts with political stability. This usually does not happen this way. Revolutions do not end with constitutional government. Prosperity was a gift to the United States from founding fathers. Free internal market the key reason of prosperity in the States. Prosperity is the reason you can have a multi-ethnic, multi-religion, multi- racial democracy. Prosperity depended on economic development rather than mere growth. 1) An Accomplishment of High Order The federal Constitution was an achievement of high order and enduring significance. Sometimes people would right books denouncing the constitution. The founding fathers were fearful of human nature and they thought that the human nature has a desire to dominate others. They wanted a system that could prevent anyone from dominating the The Constitution - 1 -
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Preeti Singh country. This infuriated some people who normally present themselves as democrats, lovers of perfect equity or justice. The latest example of these kind of people or “presentist” enthusiasm, someone who only sees something from the standpoint of today (this year or this decade). The latest example of this kind of ‘presentest’ enthusiasm is a book by Daniel Lazare “The Frozen Republic”. Daniel Lazare and any other people who think they love human rights and want a perfect democracy. The books said that nothing could be done in the country. Lazare complains that problem with U.S. government is that divided power cannot be held accountable. If no individual or
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The constitution - Preeti Singh The Constitution...

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