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JB visited by three comforters-one represents a Freudian view point JB is determined to know what his sin is Since he’s suffering it must be from some objective guilt, he begs god to tell him what his sin was and is receiving no answer, three comforters. First offers that guilt is an illusion, insofar as we are psychologically determined and insofar in that we are beings possessed of certain urges that aren’t in our control, guilt is a feeling and mechanism but ultimately and illusion with no moral objective content. Comfort he offers JB is that he can dispense with the notion of guilt or innocence and accept that we are beings with urges and essentially the issue is moot JB can’t accept that there is no matter or question of justice at all, has he committed some wrong, what is the reason for his sin? (Sin is unreal according to comforter’s) Second comfort (Marxist or historicist one) is that we each play a role or part in the march of history. There is an ultimate final state towards which we are moving
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Unformatted text preview: and that state achieved in the end of history will be a justification, and it is with reference to that that one can say whether something is just or not. IF you’re in the wrong class, says the comforter, you might get crushed or you might not. There’s no question if you sinned or not or if Gods been fair to you or not, but is history moving towards some inevitable end? • JB wants to know HIS sin, why he as an individual should suffer, so he receives the last comfort of man who will tell him. You yourself have sinned and JB is relieved to hear this, some justification for why he deserves to suffer. It may seem strange but it actually often can happen that we find ourselves in positions where even if we think we are guiltless we wish in fact that we were guilty and responsible for some negative thing that had happened • Question for final: Should one believe in God? Why and/or why not?...
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