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Theodicy- attempt or doing of showing that the God or God is/are just Example Plato’s God couldn’t o these unjust things Homer says he’d do, that’s not how God would be The evils/injustices are the ones in the world There may be things in that bible that make God seem less than good/not just Is there theodicy in the book of Job? Exonerates God with respect to the suffering of the innocent form the human perspective- rather it is cosmic justice in this total sense and such justice really amounts to God’s power, not to God’s moral standards or his outcomes morally Idea that God doesn’t answer Job, we get an answer that it’s not about you we can’t even tell you- it’s way bigger then you and way beyond your comprehension Let me show you a little bit of what it’s like to be God. I had heard of you but I had not seen you, I will repent my ways Is there even a thing as morality if God’s morality is different? And is he subject to moral evaluation? If you make the rules how do we evaluate you?
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