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Notes 11:16:10 - be something to refer somebody to but not official or what would be ignored and burned • Disclaimer What we discuss are the

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Historical-Critical Method/Approach The Documentary Hypothesis Earlier Near-Eastern sources Conflicting Narratives/Accounts Here w/r/t the New Testament Documentary Hypothesis- attempt to understand bible as a human product of its time. So what’s its time? When and where was it written? Who was writing it? From careful examination of the texts what can we discern, were there concerns or interests? How was it composed? Edited? Source materials? What was going to
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Unformatted text preview: be something to refer somebody to but not official, or what would be ignored and burned • Disclaimer: What we discuss are the results of 2 centuries of incredibly careful, rigorously academically debated inquiry based on the best and most thorough amounts of archeology, literary study, linguistics, etc. • In one doublet god is always referred to as Yhwh • In the other, God is only called Elohim...
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