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Phil 134 Notes 9/30/10 Infinite density: infinite mass in finite volume, infinite mass in infinitesimal volume Reconstruct the viewpoint, one good objection and present argument and the alternative, show discrimination between key points and details Don’t make second argument to objection, reconstruct the original Arguments based on impossibility of infinite, the impossibility of infinite or impassibility of infinite time is the Kalam argument Dawkin’s phrase “blind watchmaker” Objection to design argument: if one supposes that there has to be intelligence to
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Unformatted text preview: explain functionality and complexity, just as in the case of the first cause argument, there is nothing that says there can only be one first cause or one unmoved mover, but there could be many. • Whose intelligence? “Touched by his noodly appendage” • Miracles • Insane clown posse miracles • This? Or just a wild coincidence? • Something that could be a miracle- parting of the red seas, miracles retold by ancient and sometimes inconsistent testimony • Why must GOD be the explanation?...
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