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Notes 9:14:10 - 9/14/10 St. Thomas Aquinas's Five Ways to...

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9/14/10 St. Thomas Aquinas’s Five Ways to God Ways 1-3: Cosmological Arguments for God’s Existence St. Thomas 1225-1274 Doctor Angelicus/Universalis Synthesized Aristotelians with Catholicism “Philosopher of the Church” Not the most Artistotilian but leaned there and church was very uncomfortable with it Major works include: commentaries on Aristotle’s works including: the physics, nicomachean ethics, and de anima Summa contra Gentiles Summa theologica Most works commentaries on Aristotle’s works THE FIVE WAYS: One- the argument of the unmoved mover (got from Aristotle), Aquinas thinks it’s the best of the arguments Second- the argument of the first cause, points out some Aristotle stuff and come from fragments of the metaphysics stuff that people don’t really think was written by Aristotle Third book of Aristotle’s metaphysics Beta (B)- it’s book three though because Alpha is one, then lesser Alpha is two, and B is second. Aquinas draws from Beta The argument from contingency- (third argument, combined with 2 often) 2 and 3 combined in the Kalam argument Fourth- the argument from degree- everything you can say that has a more or less of has to have a most, so god has to be most The teleological argument (aka the argument from design)
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Notes 9:14:10 - 9/14/10 St. Thomas Aquinas's Five Ways to...

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