PSYC 101 4:14:11

PSYC 101 4:14:11 - PSYC 101 4/14/11 Major depressive...

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PSYC 101 4/14/11 Major depressive disorder At least 2 weeks: most of the day, nearly every day Symptoms (5 or more for MDE) Manic disorders Presence of variety of symptoms for at least one week: Elevated mood Irritability Grandiosity Pressured speech Reduced need for sleep Reckless behavior May be manifested only as a manic state or alternate with periods of depression Psychosis can occur Can be caused by having poor sleep (along with vulnerability), and these problems can trigger a manic period Genetics: there is a genetic component to major depression and bipolar disorder Bipolar disorder has the strongest genetic risk, the strongest genetic risk among all psychological disorders Neurotransmitters- the primary neurotransmitters in depression are serotonin and nor epinephrine. SSRI prevent neurotransmitters from coming back and to accept it Cognitive biases- Aaron Beck most famous for researching this, Beck said that depression is influenced a great deal by how we think. Automatic thoughts are what we have in a situation, and automatic thoughts lead to feelings. They are core beliefs about yourself. Example: if you’re core belief is I’m an undesirable person, you won’t get a date Links to Adler’s idea of schemas or beliefs we have about ourselves
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PSYC 101 4:14:11 - PSYC 101 4/14/11 Major depressive...

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