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Psyc 101 4:7:11 - Psyc 101 Overview and general terms...

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Psyc 101 4/7/11 Overview and general terms Prevalence- how common is psychological disorders? o Point prevalence- frequency or occurrences of number of a disorder over a period of time; number of new cases over certain period of time o Lifetime prevalence- refers to frequency or how likely it is a person will be diagnosed with a disorder over their lifetime Etiology- the cause of the disorder o Less is known about what causes mental illness then what causes a physical illness Prognosis- what is the person’s likely outcome? o Ex: You have the flu, but by next week you’ll feel better Ego-syntonic- Symptoms look like part of who you are o Example: Personality disorders, such as antisocial personality disorder. The symptoms don’t seem unusual because it’s part of who they are o Don’t think there’s anything wrong, won’t get treatment Ego-dystonic- When you have symptoms that feel like they’re not part of you; when you think about yourself, you wouldn’t use these symptoms to describe you o If you’re depressed one day, you say I’m a happy person and depression doesn’t describe who I am o Not normal for me to have panic attacks on a plane o More likely to seek treatment Defining mental disorders Infrequency- thought that mental disorders are rare, infrequent, and this isn’t accurate because a lot of symptoms are common and happen to normal people, such as sadness Norm violation (deviance)- people do things that aren’t consistent with norms, such as talking to yourself in public. o
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Psyc 101 4:7:11 - Psyc 101 Overview and general terms...

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