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PSYC 101 3:29:11 - PSYC 101 Personality Trait Definition...

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PSYC 101 3/29/11 Personality Trait Definition: unique collection of behavioral traits/ understanding pattern of behavior Consistency: how consistent your traits are over time and in different situations Distinctiveness: refers to the fact that people often differ in regard to their personality characteristics. We can differentiate personality characteristics among different people Does not p=mean everyone has a completely different personality, there is overlap but we can define and identify differences between people among personalities Is personality shaped by learning? Genetics? How do we describe personality? How do people act in certain situations? How many characteristics can we come up with? Or are there core dimensions that we can come up with Key dimensions to see where everyone fits? Clip: Thinking about consistency Psychodynamic Theory Associated with Freud, very interested in the unconscious. Became aware of patients who came to see him with physical problems but no apparent causes to the problems. Grew out of clinical patients Three levels of consciousness: what you are aware of right now (consciousness), pre-conscious refers to info that you’re not currently aware of but you can retrieve with some effort, and the unconscious which is generally unavailable to you unless you use certain techniques Unconscious retrieval: memory techniques, method of loci, repressed memories How people can cause individuals to misremember things, recovered memories where they’re in your unconscious and suddenly come bursting out Freud started with hypnosis, but realized he can get to unconscious two other ways: free association (saying whatever comes to your mind without censoring it, idea is sooner or later you’ll start talking about things in your
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PSYC 101 3:29:11 - PSYC 101 Personality Trait Definition...

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