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WMST 101 3:29:11

WMST 101 3:29:11 - • No mirror in home • No sizes •...

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WMST 101 Notes 3/29/11 Codes of Gender: How ads teach gender assignment, and what ads say about us Commercial realism in fashion ads Women positioned as: o Not in control (hands) o Off balance/ Reclining (Stance) o Inactive and Vulnerable Chappels and Gym Shorts Is she prude regarding belly dancing? Or does she have a broader historical perspective? Raises issue of global feminism: In USA issues of women/marriage/education= tied to beauty myth In other countries= tied to poverty and health Fatima Mernissi, Scheherazade goes West= alternative to beauty myth To Fatima: heavy is happy A BIG intellectual women Tyranny of size 6= American equivalent of Harem In Morocco, no sizes for women’s clothes IMAGINE You didn’t know your size
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Unformatted text preview: • No mirror in home • No sizes • No scales • Violence against women • Gordon “The pornography problem” • Bernice Sandler “in case of sexual harassment” • Ann Jones: Battery, Who’s going to stop it?” • Continuum: how we see women’s bodies • Advertising/sexual harassment/Battering/Rape/Porn • Harassment: What rights do women have to their bodies in the workplace: • Battering: What rights do women have in the household? • Rape: What rights do women have to their bodies in the social sphere? • Porno: What rights do women have in depiction of their bodies? • Big question: What is the relation between violence against women in all its forms and representations/images of women?...
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