WMST 101 Notes 1:20:11

WMST 101 Notes 1:20:11 - WMST 101 Notes 1/20/11 Some Women...

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WMST 101 Notes 1/20/11 05:32 Some Women Studies Readings Egalia’s Daughters: Translated from Norwegian, written by a woman The Second Sex: most influential work on US second wave feminism (70’s), originally in  French Film Clip: Mona Lisa Smile Wesley College 1953 Considered “first rate education” This consisted of required marriage courses, not how to be a self-sufficient woman with  a  job Gives a sense feminist movement started: forced into these situations with no choice,  makes force visible Women are highly educated but have no outlet for it You’re talented and educated BUT… your role is to support your husband’s career (view  of woman) Simone de Beauvoir He is the subject, you are the other/lesser/suppressed Example of double bind (Frye): you need to be educated and intelligent, but you cannot  use this information Simone also discusses the eternal feminine: if you’re a woman you fulfill this, you are  the support and the SECOND sex Question brought up in the second sex: what is a woman? Previous answer included: a womb. We are our reproductive abilities
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This note was uploaded on 01/17/2012 for the course WMST 101 taught by Professor Burns during the Spring '08 term at UNC.

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WMST 101 Notes 1:20:11 - WMST 101 Notes 1/20/11 Some Women...

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