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Busi 101 Notes 2/7/11 Beginning of class: pg. 178 in the course pack, problems worked out Chapter 4: Activity Based Costing Assumed: A company has 100% mark up on cost. Sales are $400,000. What is cost? $ % Sales $400,000 200% -Cost $200,000 100% GP (Mark-Up) 100% 100% Mark up on costs=50% mark up on sales What you are marking up
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Unformatted text preview: on becomes 100% Activity Based Costing- Multiple Cost Drivers Traditional Costing in chapter 2- One Cost Driver Cost Driver- Factor/activity that has a direct cause/effect relationship with resources consumed Exercises done in class: p. 37 of course pack, and example 4-1 (pg. 182 of textbook)...
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