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Week 2 Journal

Week 2 Journal - found it much easier to pity Claggart...

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Rose Harris Googe PHIL 089 Wolf August 26, 2008 Week 2 Journal Initially, I didn’t believe that any person could be evil; however, after the discussion this week and reading Billy Budd , I have realized that this isn’t how I truly feel. Instead, I think it’s possible for one to be evil and yet still pitied and understood. Claggart portrays such a character in our reading for this week. No matter how optimistic I am when it comes to people, and as much as I like to pretend no person is capable of evil, I must admit that Claggart is purely evil. This doesn’t mean, however, that he should be despised. On the contrary, I have realized that often times purely evil characters or people can be pitied. Similar to Satan from Paradise Lost , Claggart’s primary weakness is his envy. Satan envies mankind because God cast Satan away and favored humans instead. Similarly, Claggart falls victim to his envy and sets out to destroy Billy Budd. By comparing these two characters, I
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Unformatted text preview: found it much easier to pity Claggart. Paradise Lost is intended to play devil’s advocate, literally, and gain the empathy of the reader for a character that is the personification of evil. Milton succeeds in establishing a character that is evil as well as pitiful in the reader’s eye. I believe Claggart is another character of this classification. Since he has never known anything other than evil, he is a creature that falls victim to his nature and cannot control his envious ways. I also believe that any evil character can be pitied. A character that is innately evil cannot control his nature. A character, however, that becomes evil as a result of some event can be pitied as well. Therefore, I realized that although people and characters can indeed be evil, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve our mercy....
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Week 2 Journal - found it much easier to pity Claggart...

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