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Rose Harris Googe PHIL 089 Wolf Week 3 Journal Although Colin McGinn believes a person is evil if they get only pleasure and no other benefit out of another’s pain, I believe Dangerous Liaisons is a strict contradiction to this definition. Marquise de Merteuil not only derives significant pleasure out of destroying the lives of those around her, but also gains the benefit of clearing her path to Chevalier Danceny as well as having revenge on her former lover; however, Marquise is certainly evil in my opinion. Although she does get some sense in the destruction of others, there are other selfish benefits she obtains from her evil actions. In McGinn’s definition, the Marquise would not meet the definition of “evil.” Her actions, however, are wicked to a degree deserving of being deemed “evil.” If a person is capable of bringing about the destruction and death of so many others
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Unformatted text preview: without feeling any significant regret, she is in my eye as evil as one who does it simply for pure joy. While this meets my definition of “evil,” it doesn’t meet McGinn’s and, therefore, many would see Dangerous Liaisons as a movie sans evil. After seeing the movie, I don’t understand how someone could think there is absolutely no evil involved in the scheming of the characters, but by using the definition supplied before, apparently there actually is no evil. Thus, a more suitable definition of “evil” is needed than that of “one that harms others solely for pleasure.” Although this would certainly be an evil character, it does not encompass the characters of Dangerous Liaisons , namely the Marquise de Merteuil, that are sinister and plot to destroy others, thereby deserving the description of “evil.”...
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