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Week 6 Journal - may not actually be right I never saw it...

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R. Harris Googe Phil 089 Wolf September 23, 2008 Week 6 Journal Largely agreeing with Jonathan Bennett, there are times when a person’s morality and his sympathies conflict. Such as the mother with the child at the doctor, many of these times the sympathies lead a person astray from what is right; however, many other times, a person’s morals will lead them astray from what is right. From an outsider’s perspective, it is easy to see that when a person has bad morals, he should follow his gut feeling, or sympathy. What the outsider doesn’t realize is that the immoral individual has no idea that his morals are bad; he has not learned this. Thus, in some cases, the actions of “evil” people are in reality their conflict between morals and sympathy. Bennett’s point is almost unnerving. While I knew before that what I believe is moral,
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Unformatted text preview: may not actually be right, I never saw it as he puts it. Now, whenever my sympathies tell me to do other than my morals, I fear that I will spend days deliberating whether or not my morals are right, if my sympathy should win out as Huck Finn’s does, and if I should change my morals based on my sympathies. Bennett’s argument really does open a new window to look through. I never would have thought of my sympathies disagreeing with my morals. Generally, I always assumed they tend to agree with one another. From now on, however, I’ll be particularly weary of when I have a gut feeling telling me to do something that I view as immoral. While this action may actually be wrong, there is the slight possibility that it is my morals that need revision, not my sympathies that I cannot change....
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