Week 8 Journal

Week 8 Journal - don’t understand how a person can...

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R. Harris Googe Phil 089 Wolf October 7, 2008 Week 8 Journal I was personally shocked to learn that so many people are willing to put others at mortal danger simply because they believe the responsibility is removed from their shoulders. The video of the Milgram experiment somewhat weakened my faith in humanity. I have always considered myself an optimistic person when it comes to trusting others; however, seeing that it doesn’t take much to get a man to turn on his fellow, my faith may be somewhat hampered. I know it’s impossible for me to say that I wouldn’t perform the same actions in a similar situation, but I can’t imagine acting to the degree that some of the subjects do. Knowing myself, I find it impossible to personally inflict harm on any other being. I feel terrible remorse at killing a cockroach. Perhaps this is just a weakness in that I can’t handle the crunch of a bug, but I still
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Unformatted text preview: don’t understand how a person can knowingly harm another person. Leaving out the aspect of having a weak heart, the “learner” is obviously receiving an uncomfortable, and then painful, shock. The fact that most people have no objection to administering a shock to another person shows that people can be driven to do anything, given the guarantee of a free conscious. Sometimes, even, all it takes is the guarantee of no legal trouble. This may constitute the entire human population as “evil,” or it may just mean that it’s not evil to knowingly harm another person when one doesn’t believe it is their decision of whether or not to do so. Regardless, the outcome of the Milgram experiment is certainly “shocking.”...
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Week 8 Journal - don’t understand how a person can...

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