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Week 15 Journal - Falling under McGinns E-being definition,...

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R. Harris Googe Phil 089 Wolf November 25, 2008 Week 15 Journal Beth’s presentation about Leopold and Loeb was certainly a chilling one that caught everyone’s attention. There is little to question about whether or not their actions were evil. The fact that they claimed their actions were for “the thrill of it” proves that according to McGinn’s definition, the two were evil; however, they were not sentenced to death. In fact, Leopold was eventually released on parole. This was due to defense attorney Clarence Darrow’s ability to argue that this behavior was inherent due to the philosophy taught to Leopold at the University. The fact that it was disputable whether or not they were responsible for their crimes is appalling. To most people it’s unquestionable what their intentions were. The two even stated that it was for “the thrill of it,” and didn’t suggest any motive.
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Unformatted text preview: Falling under McGinns E-being definition, Leopold and Loeb received pleasure out of the pain of their victim. They believed themselves to be supermen, capable of committing the perfect crime. This motive does provide another source of pleasure other than the sheer pain of the victim; therefore, it may be true that they cannot be classified as E-beings. Since they would have received pleasure as a result of their success, this somewhat argues against McGinns definition; however, by most other definitions studied, the actions of these two were purely evil. They had no good intentions. While it is not clear whether or not the crime was an atrocity, they certainly knew what they were doing and what effects their actions would have. Thus, they were morally responsible for the evil actions committed, and, in my opinion, can be considered evil....
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