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Theoretically, the perfect anthropologist would be able to forget her own culture and allow herself to participate freely in the group being studied; however, due to her ethnocentrism, she cannot overcome the belief that her own culture is the superior culture. This may lead to her inability to partake in this custom. Since I do not have much of a liking for cats anyway, I believe I would be able to ingest stewed cat without much consideration if the cat were not a pet but a livestock instead. Throwing ethnocentrism aside, we can reflect upon our own culture by studying this cat-eating group. Why do we keep cats as pets when they provide a sufficient meal? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to raise cats like cattle and eat them? By thinking of cultures as relative, the cat-eating culture seems to make more sense than my own. We waste time, energy, and money raising domesticated cats as pets. What benefit do we receive other than the slight comfort of a quasi-friend?
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