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Jazz Creativity Essay - Rose Harris Googe MUSC 143 Smith...

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Rose Harris Googe MUSC 143 Smith August 30, 2009 Creativity Essay Looking at my life, I think it’s difficult to find one aspect of my life that isn’t creative. Just the bare skeleton of my activities reflects a creative lifestyle. Before I was even born, it was destined that I was going to be an artist of sorts. My mother, Patricia Harris Googe, is a graphic design artist and created the Jazzfest poster in New Orleans in the late 80s. I myself grew up with 15 years of classical ballet, modern, and jazz dance training. I was a founding member of Go! Contemporary Dance Works, a non-profit modern dance company located in Knoxville, TN. In high school, I took many art classes, including AP Studio Art and Photography. Now, even, at UNC I’m in a modern dance group called “Inversion,” and I am a campus representative for TOMS Shoes as well as the advertising chair for our club that is currently being formed. However, it’s outside of these areas that are considered “the arts” that I find myself most creative. It is the little tasks of each day that require a creative approach or solution. Due to my mother’s professional career, I was surrounded by art at a very young age. I started ballet class at age 3 and spent seven days a week in high school at the studio. While we had hired choreographers, they would constantly tap into the dancers’ own choreography abilities and bring it all together. Our group emphasized the athleticism of dance and the themes of our pieces ranged from a circus-vibe, basketball piece to a heavy piece about a runaway girl who loses a friend to an overdose. While we did the traditional Giselle and Sleepy Beauty ballets for our studio show in the spring, the Go! Performance was always an opportunity to showcase our
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talent. Even in the pieces that were fully choreographed by others, there was room for creativity in the interpretation of the dance and in the portrayal of the characters. The best dancers are actors as well and must use whatever experiences or creative skills they possess to convince the audience of the character. The largest area of creativity in dance, however, is in improvisation. Some choreographers leave areas of pieces open for dancer improvisation, but we also must
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Jazz Creativity Essay - Rose Harris Googe MUSC 143 Smith...

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