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Jazz Extra Credit - Rose Harris Googe MUSC 145 Smith...

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Rose Harris Googe MUSC 145 Smith December 7, 2009 Extra Credit Report Although most college bands are considered juvenile, I found Ketch 22 to be a fairly mature combo with a few errors occasionally but very well practiced in improvisation. The group was talented and capable of artistically exploring new areas of jazz while still covering pieces by other artists. The areas of improvisation, although riddled with common mistakes, were particularly impressive. Switching between two pianists and two bassists, the eight member band played pieces covered by Herbie Hancock as well as Harry Warren and Mack Gordon. The covers were recognizable while still full of input by the band, especially during the solos. Most noticeable of the group was the tenor saxophone player, while the trumpet went largely unnoticed. The stage presence was not impressive, but the arrangement of the players on stage was done logically and added to the visual aspect of the performance. Focusing on the tenor sax player, Graham Mulvaney, the performance was flawless. The solo was full of scales and catchy licks that were particularly pleasing to the ear. Mulvaney rounded out the end of his solo with a scale that included a variety of notes between the notes of the climbing scale. This segment was impressive and even audience members with no musical knowledge were able to respect the skill used in the solo.
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Jazz Extra Credit - Rose Harris Googe MUSC 145 Smith...

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