Geol Critical Review 1

Geol Critical Review 1 - the permafrost from thawing Is it...

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Rose Harris Googe “Climate Trouble May be Bubbling Up in Far North” USA Today 8/31/09 loc=interstitialskip In this article, the author discusses the risks of a thawing permafrost that would release large amounts of methane into the atmosphere. There seem to be many indications that the permafrost is thawing, and the permafrost contains large amounts of carbon that decomposes, sometimes into methane, when thawed; however, the author admits that this is a frontier science, with very little history of research. The article primarily focuses on methane emissions, although it seems that carbon dioxide is another concern of a thawing permafrost. Although this is a serious problem, the author takes a doomsday approach to the situation. The possibility of other outcomes isn’t even discussed, and it makes me very curious as to whether or not we even have a chance of ending this. The author should include ways to prevent
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Unformatted text preview: the permafrost from thawing. Is it due to some natural causes, or is it entirely our fault and there’s nothing we can do about it now? Also, the focus seems to keep switching between carbon and methane. At first the big problem we’re worried about is methane emissions; however, the focus switches to carbon for some of the more drastic points. The author almost seems to sneak these statistics in as a method to mislead the reader. I am also curious as to whether these methane emissions have increased over time, or if this has been a steady process that has maintained the same rate. With very little research in this area, it may be too soon for the author to be taking such a dramatic approach. It almost seems like there is nothing we can do and if that is the case, why hasn’t this become the headline of every newspaper? The author does do a nice job of using accurate information, although he uses it entirely to prove a shaky point....
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Geol Critical Review 1 - the permafrost from thawing Is it...

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