Geol Critical Review 3

Geol Critical Review 3 - If so it should be explained in...

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Rose Harris Googe “Warmer Weather Threatens Moose in Minnesota” USA Today 9/28/09 loc=interstitialskip This article focuses on the Moose population in Minnesota and how there ha s been a recent trend of declining population. The article gives the average non-hunting mortality rate of about 21% of the collared moose. It is also stated that ticks, brain worms, and liver flukes are large causes of death for these animals. While moose seem to prosper in Maine and Canada, the population of moose in Minnesota is now at about 7,600. Affected by the decline of the moose population, the wolves in this area are also at risk. The article emphasizes the need for the government to take actions to protect this rare animal. While it’s true that this animal needs to be protected, this article does a poor job of explaining why. There is no connection between climate change and the number of parasites present. Does this number increase due to global warming?
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Unformatted text preview: If so, it should be explained in the article. Otherwise, it seems that parasites are a bigger problem than global warming, especially considering that during the past two summers, when weather has been cooler, numbers haven’t been able to rise. If the moose population is truly being affected by weather, then why haven’t the numbers risen while it’s been cool? The article should spend less time worrying about moose populations elsewhere and more time on explaining how the climate change actually affects the moose population in Minnesota. There are several irrelevant digressions throughout this article as well. Discussing the effects of the declining moose population on the wolves of a small archipelago does not provide a better understanding of the big picture. Before getting into this topic, the author should first provide a better understanding of climate change and the moose population and how they’re connected....
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Geol Critical Review 3 - If so it should be explained in...

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