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Rose Harris Googe “Three U.S. Governors Argue Climate Legislation Could Create Jobs” Fox News 07/21/09 In this article, the author explains the idea of Climate Legislation and how it could create jobs that would stimulate the economy. There are some state leaders that agree, and others that don’t. In states such as Washington, where legislation has already created some 50,000 jobs, leaders advocate national legislation to encourage growth. Other states, such as North Dakota, make a significant amount of money off of oil, an economy which would be hurt by legislation that slows oil production. Some representatives argue that some states are forgetting that oil and gas play an integral part of several communities. Although the author of this article includes the information about some states benefiting more than others, the argument is completely undermined by the fact that some of the
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Unformatted text preview: representatives have much to gain from the oil industry. An example of this is the Arkansas Representative who is quoted. Immediately following his name and position, it is included that he is the owner of an oil company. Either the author is pulling a bad move and failing to support this opinion, or, more likely, he is being facetious and intentionally weakening the argument. I cant decide how I feel about this strategy in writing. In some ways, its misleading and gives the wrong impression. In other ways, its almost a good idea. The author manages to throw in both arguments but still steer the reader towards his opinion. Its a valid way of writing an opinion piece and yet never expressly stating ones opinion. Granted, this isnt an opinion piece and is actually a source of fair and balanced news....
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