Geol Critical Review 7

Geol Critical Review 7 - change on a specific bat...

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Rose Harris Googe “What Will Global Our Changing Climate Mean for Bats in Wales?” BBC News 10/27/09 Discussing the bat population in the UK, this article tells of an increase in recent numbers. This is largely due to the warmer winters in Europe that allow for the bats to be stronger and in better condition to reproduce in the spring. Another effect of the warmer winters is that the area that rare horseshoe bats are found could be increasing. Although these are good indications for bat populations, not everything is as optimistic. In recent times, summers in Europe have become slightly cooler and much wetter. This leads to the starvation of the mother bats that leave their young behind. In other words, the bat population may be reproducing more, but the survival rate of the young bats is becoming significantly lower. This article does a great job of explaining the positive and negative effects of climate
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Unformatted text preview: change on a specific bat population; however, it could be argued that the author doesn’t explain the causes of the climate change in the UK. I personally believe the article is effective in educating the reader about the problem without a lot of background story, but perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to include more of a scientific explanation. Even an explanation for why there are warmer winters but cooler summers would be helpful. The average reader hasn’t taken a course on climate change and therefore wouldn’t understand why cooler, wetter summers are a part of global warming. To some, it would be considered a sign of the opposite occurring. There is also a very large mistake in the article where two paragraphs are printed almost the exact same twice. Perhaps the author could save space by deleting the mistake and then adding an explanation for the wet summers. Ultimately, this article seems like it was hashed out quickly without any data or supporting evidence....
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Geol Critical Review 7 - change on a specific bat...

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