Geol Critical Review 8

Geol Critical Review 8 - This is not due to a lack of data...

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Rose Harris Googe “The Earth Cools, and Fight Over Warming Heats Up” Wall Street Journal 11/2/09 The main point of this article is to downplay the significance of climate models and to make them sound inaccurate. The author writes that models failed to show short periods of cooling amidst long trends of warming. He goes on to explain how models work, and that they are intended for long term predictions instead of short term. Another portion of the article is dedicated to discussing cooling effects caused by a “shift in ocean currents.” This shift provides cooler temperatures to counter the warming temperatures. Ultimately, the author argues that models aren’t entirely reliable and that they have shortcomings. Obviously climate models aren’t intended to predict short term climate change. They are not meant to be weather predictors, but instead to show a change over a long period of time.
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Unformatted text preview: This is not due to a lack of data but to a lack of predictability in our world. This lack of predictability is seen in our inability to predict tomorrow’s weather accurately. Also, some scientists apparently argue that there are cooling effects caused by a shift in ocean currents. This sounds oddly similar to what we believe happened with the Younger Dryas period. At the time, temperatures were rising steadily, which actually caused the currents to shut down completely in the North Atlantic. This obviously caused cooler temperatures, too, but it was an effect of warming temperatures and was a temporary period that gave way into more warming. The decrease in ocean salinity could be leading us into a new sort of Younger Dryas period. The author of this article fails to consider the actual causes of the shift in ocean currents, just as he fails to realize that climate models could never predict short term chances in temperature....
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Geol Critical Review 8 - This is not due to a lack of data...

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