Geol Critical Review 9

Geol Critical Review 9 - population still grew While it’s...

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Rose Harris Googe “Jellyfish Swarm Northward in Warming World” USA Today 11/16/09 loc=interstitialskip This article deals with the growing and migrating population of jellyfish in the world, primarily those off the coast of Japan. The jellyfish are causing problems in the fishing industry and as the waters are warming, their habitat is expanding and moving northward. They get trapped in the fishing nets and kill or taint the fish. This problem is hurting a once successful industry and lobbyists are calling for help. Unfortunately, the only thing that can reverse the damage would be lowering ocean temperatures and that would take years, if it could be done at all, to accomplish. Special nets that can filter out jellyfish, however, are a pricey solution for some fishermen. There is some evidence that proves that jellyfish populations aren’t always directly related to temperature change. When temperatures decreased in some areas, the
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Unformatted text preview: population still grew. While it’s obvious that much of this article is accurate, there are a few problems. The author never really says anything about why ocean temperatures are warming, and if there are other changes going on in the ocean. We’ve learned about ocean acidification, for example. Is it possible that this is making the waters more jelly friendly? Also, this isn’t necessarily a fault of the author’s, but the article mentions a Japanese scientist that has been lobbying for years. As we discussed in class, this can harm a scientist’s credibility and citing this information might not be the best idea for making a strong argument. While this is a compelling story and a very interesting one as well, the author doesn’t have a lot of scientific information to back it up and most of the information provided is primarily anecdotal. The author should be careful of this as it can lead to trouble if the information is false....
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Geol Critical Review 9 - population still grew While it’s...

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